Volunteer Spotlight – Kellie Tobolic

Why do you volunteer?
I volunteer because “home” isn’t just the “house” I live in. Home is the place where I grew up – Wayland. It is where I was born and raised. This is where my husband and I decided to stay and raise our family. Our “home” is home to many people and many generations of families. The first time I ever “volunteered” I was asked to. I told them that I didn’t know how to do what they needed me to do. The response was a smile and the words ” We can teach you.” Thankfully, volunteering isn’t rocket science. It’s just a little bit of your time and a bunch of caring and pride for the ones you are volunteering for.

Why did you choose to volunteer with Wayland Main Street?
Main Street was just the best fit for me. I see more results with the volunteer driven commitment Main Street provides for Wayland.

Why should someone volunteer with Wayland Main Street?
because you should never pass up the opportunity to make a difference. Wayland Main Street happens because volunteers make it happen. If your vision or passion is to always try to leave thing better than the way you found it, this is the place.

 What makes downtown Wayland special?
Being on the Design Committee you may think it is more the “look” of Wayland or the look we are trying to get through Historic Preservation, Facade Grants etc. that I would think makes Downtown Wayland special. I have to tell you though with the job(s) I have and the volunteering I do and see around me, I have to say it is the people here. I don’t know if everyone realizes how dedicated the people are in this community that either through their jobs or as volunteers, try to lift Wayland up to its potential. I see young people through partnering with our schools stepping up more and more to help make a difference. I see our business’s first hand partnering with Main Street in so many ways to give back to our community. A nice looking downtown Wayland is beyond great to me but, what I feel and see especially now is even more special. Great things are happening here in Wayland.

If you’d like to volunteer with us, fill out this form or send an email to info@downtownwayland.com