Historic Photo Project

Project Guidelines

Wayland Main Street & Henika District Library seek to develop a collection of photographs that document the history of Downtown Wayland. We are particularly interested in images of downtown buildings, events, businesses, transportation, and residents from the last 100+ years.

We are not asking you to give us your photographs but we would be grateful for the opportunity to digitize them. Our staff is trained to carefully handle photographs and to make archival quality scans. Photos are scanned at 600 dpi and are not altered in any way.  The actual scanning process takes only a few minutes and does not damage the photograph.

Photographs are scanned so that the images become digital information in a computer. Then the images are stored either on the computer’s hard drive or other storage media.

First of all, photos deteriorate because of time and the environment. When the images are digitized, they are stabilized.

Secondly, every time a photo is handled there is a risk of damage. Creases, fingerprints, spills and stray pencil or ink marks can mar the photo. And, sometimes things disappear. There is no risk of damage or losing the photo when it is digitized. Additionally, you will not have to part with your precious family treasures.

Finally, Wayland Main Street and Henika District Library are able to make these photos available to the public. Historians, genealogists, designers, and students are particularly interested in photos of Downtown Wayland. These photos are an invaluable visual record of the history of our community.

Drop your photographs off at Henika District Library during normal Library hours:

149 S. Main Street, Wayland, MI 49348

Monday & Wednesday 9AM to 8PM
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9AM to 6PM
Saturday 9AM to 3PM

Library staff will help you complete an intake form and will carefully collect photographs. We are interested in the stories behind the photos. Our cataloging system includes identification of the people in the photo as well as landmarks.

Since we are launching this program for the first time, please limit ten (10) photographs per person. If you would like to share additional photographs, we will make arrangements for future scanning.

You may expect to retrieve your original photos 30 days after you deliver them. A Main Street volunteer will call you when they are ready to be picked-up at the Library.

You will be given a link to the digitized photos to download for your personal use. If necessary, we will arrange for another form of digital storage. Wayland Main Street and Henika District Library will not provide printed copies.

Contact us, please!

If you have photographs that you would like to share, please stop by the Henika District Library or call 269-792-2891. You may also email Molly Walker, Library Director at waymw@henikalibrary.org or Ingrid Miller, Main Street Director at ingrid.miller@downtownwayland.com.

Download intake form: Historic Photo Project Liability and Intake Form