Facade Grant Special Incentive Program

Following a recommendation by the Wayland Main Street Design Committee, the Main Street/Downtown Development Authority board recently approved a special incentive program which will increase the reimbursement amount to local businesses to up to a $50,000 match for facade improvement and restoration projects. This is for a limited time only and there are new application deadlines.

“Architect and City Planner, the late Daniel Burnham once said ‘Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood…Make big plans, aim high in hope and work,'” said Mike Salisbury, MS/DDA Board Chair.

“With this short term incentive program, the Wayland MS/DDA Board in collaboration with the volunteers from the Design Committee are making ‘big plans’,” said Salisbury. “Handing $50,000 back to a building owner after they’ve put $100,000 into their building facade is a BIG DEAL!”

“The MS/DDA Board is excited for our downtown building and business owners to embrace the great value in this incentive program. Hopefully blood will stir inside those building owners and we’ll enjoy and benefit from historically sensitive, renovated building facades,” Salisbury added.

The Wayland Main Street Design Committee offers the Facade Enhancement Grant Program to assist businesses within the downtown Main Street boundaries to make improvements to their signs and/or building facades. The Wayland Main Street Program is looking for projects that can make a positive visual impact within the city’s central business district. Deadline to apply for Facade Grant Special Incentive Program is April 7, 2014

Applications for free Design Services are also available for up to three buildings. Deadline to apply for free Design Services is October 31, 2013.

Awards will be based on appropriateness, creativity, timeliness, and visual impact of the proposal. Priority for funds will be given to projects that include the creation of non-disposal, tangible assets.

Examples include facade improvements, signage, lighting, awnings, and murals. Do not submit projects that most would consider routine maintenance. Eligible applicants must be physically located within the central business district. if you an unsure of your status, or would like more information, please contact Alicia Zylstra, Wayland Main Street Manager at info@downtownwayland.com or 888-417-6653.

For the complete Facade Grant Special Incentive Program timeline click here.

For the Facade Grant Special Incentive Program application click here.


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