Design Service Spotlight

Have you ever heard us bounce around the phrase “design service?” If you have, you might be wondering, “just what is a design service?”

As a Master Level Michigan Main Street Community, our program receives technical assistance from the state including free design services (each valued at around $3000).

Design services uncover potential. If you’ve ever visited downtown Wayland, you know that our town is full of history! Most of the buildings in our downtown district are over 100 years old. They just don’t look quite as they did when they were first built. Over time owners have added to, covered, or altered downtown buildings so much that some are hardly recognizable as historic.

This is where design services come in. Once awarded a design service, a downtown property owner works with Michigan Main Street’s design specialist to figure out the best way to bring a building to its full historic potential. Recommendations are based on research, historic photographs, and present building needs.

Below are the three design services awarded to our program in 2016.

104 S. Main St.

117 S. Main St.

106 W. Superior St.

As a Main Street community we know that economic development works best in the context of historic preservation. We don’t need to rebuild the wheel to revitalize our downtown. We need to capitalize on our existing assets and showcase the history that makes Wayland stand out!

Downtown Wayland is full of history and potential. Design services bring us one step closer to realizing our vision of a revitalized downtown district rich in history and a sense of place.

Downtown Wayland’s future is rooted in its past.

Check out a more detailed look at the design related services offered to our program here.

Wayland Main Street receives 15 design services total with a maximum of 3 design services per year.

To be eligible to receive design assistance, a property/business owner’s public building must be within the local Main Street area and be zoned for commercial or mixed-use.

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